Hotel safety tips for solo travelers

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Solo travelling is the best way of self healing and it gives you a sense of freedom and wisdom to explore the world and learn new things. However it does come with the downsides of it where you don’t have anyone with you in case of emergency. Here are a few hotel safety tips to look after whenever you are travelling solo. 

– Check your room thoroughly upon entering 

Check your room thoroughly right after you have checked it. Before going ahead in taking a shower or having a nap it is necessary that you check all the areas in your room. Check under your bed, behind the curtain, the closet and also in the bathroom. Switch all the lights and check if you can see any light peeking through. This could be from a hidden camera that you might not see. Do check all the mirrors by using the finger method, you know if it is taped or not. If you feel suspicious don’t be afraid to ask for a swap of the room in the reception. 

– Opt of self check in 

Rather than lining up in the queue upon reaching the hotel, you could simply check in through the designated website or application as provided by the hotel company. If you have the choice, opt to hotel self check in kiosk malaysia. You are able to eliminate human interaction and protect all your personal information. Sometimes when you line up, people tend to overhear or oversee the informations that you write or speak to the receptionist so self check ins are always the better option

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– Be extra cautious in public areas 

Certain hotels have very cozy lounge areas where you can rest and enjoy the view. They are also inclusive of other facilities like gym, in house restaurants and pool. It is always safe if you happen to go to places like this as a group but if you are going alone, always be careful with the surroundings and the people that you are surrounded with. Try not to make conversation with people that seem vulnerable to go overboard by asking for your personal information. Carry your phone with you so that in case of emergency you are able to contact the hotel people. 

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– Do not say your room number or your floor number out loud 

If you are traveling alone be careful with everything you say and talk over the phone while you are in common areas like lift, lobby and reception. Check on your surroundings if there is anyone seated or standing close to you and then proceed to have a conversation over the phone. Do not reveal any personal information related to your room number and also your floor number. Do so only when you are in your room or place where there is no one. 

– Safety in parking area/garage

Try going in and out of the hotel that you are staying in during the day time if possible and even if you need to enter back to your hotel room at night, try your best to park your car close to the entrance or places where there are security and people moving. If you feel like it is dark and there is no movement in the area that you have parked, ask for help from the security to walk together with you.