How to Avoid Bad Habits during Work

The idea of going to work every day, we have to admit how it kills everyone inside to wake up early in the morning to start your day to go to work and see those annoying faces at the office. Sometimes this statement pops out in your head, “I didn’t sign up for this thing in my life” but we all know that we have to work to buy things that we want and it is our own satisfaction that we can actually make good jobs and good money.

Somehow we are living in a world where people have their own specific attitude that we cannot stop them unless they are the one who choose to willingly want to change it and it is also blessed for everyone around them because finally they are free from cheat labour.

This article is written mainly for people who want to change their fate before they lose their job.

If you love your job and you know that it is hard to find a job vacancy in Malaysia then help yourself in becoming a real good worker to the company until they feel like you are their assets that they don’t want to lose easily. It actually feels another level of happiness when you are important to the company because you actually can choose either to leave the company to go to a better company or stay with a good paycheck from the company. There are a lot of ways to help you remove the bad habits in you. Follow this article to know more on how to help yourself remove bad habits during work.

Know that with the bad habits you are actually messing around with other worker’s emotions and feelings. Don’t you feel sorry for ruining people’s day with your annoying attitude which at the end of the day the company itself realized that you didn’t bring any benefits to them and the worst part is they already looking for a new replacement of your position without your knowledge because they know that there are a lot of people out there deserve that job of yours and can finish it on time not like you who likes to procrastinate and didn’t submit your job even after the due date has passed. Always remember that there are a lot of people out there waiting to take your place if you don’t appreciate your job.

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#1. Identify the Bad Habits

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Bad habits is an unfortunate propensity or a negative personal conduct standard and it actually looks like only troubling yourself but actually it’s not, it troubles everyone around you and who ever has connections with you that is how bad habits can ruin you.

How to kill it?

You have to identify it first, where it starts and how it actually exists in your life and why it exists.

Distinguish the habits that are keeping you away from arriving at the most productive time. You may as of now know about some unfortunate propensities, for example, hesitating on enormous undertakings while you occupied yourself with marking little stuff off your plan for the day or plunking down to shoot one speedy email, just to look into two hours after the fact and miracle where the time went.

To distinguish other negative attitude patterns, monitor how you invest your energy for about half of the month period. Try not to disturb your working hour for many times per day.

In case you’re a pen-and-paper individual, write it down in a daily book or maybe you are the type of person who is more likely to use the computerized method, you can set up speedy Excel sheets to record or download straightforward time-following applications like Habitica. Toward the part of the negotiating, filter what you’ve followed, and think of which bad habits you need to get rid of first.

That will help you in removing your bad habits slowly instead of losing it drastically and repeat it again after some time. After a while check with yourself again either the habits already removed from you or you are still living with it. If you realised then you are allowed to start removing the other bad habits that you have been living with for your whole life.

#2. Find a Replacement for your Habits

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To actually lose things that you used to live with since you were small actually somehow gives a big impact to your life and your daily routine and making sure it is gone is another thing. Every hole in life will always need something to fill it and if not it will attract to the things that it removed earlier.

In this case, when you have removed the bad habit from yourself you need to replace it with the good one. When should you replace it? In the time of improving yourself you should slowly practice the good habit so that when you are totally free from the bad habits you will feel normal, comfortable and easily get used to it like it has been there with you before you even realised.

For any replacement there will always need a sacrifice. Example of sacrifice that you have to do is losing friends. Why do you have to lose friends? This is because the bad habits exist because you always wanted to spend time with them and it also makes you neglect your work especially during break time.

You guys will tend to take extra time than the time given to you. The sacrifice that you have to do here is remove the friends that drag you into that habit and free yourself from making it a routine.

#3. Always Make a Reward for Yourself

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It always feels good to receive a reward after struggling with yourself. The reward prepared doesn’t have to come from an expensive shop or branded products it also can be in the form of you treating yourself with good food or a good short getaway.

As long as you give yourself a reward for striving for the goals of removing bad habits. The more you appreciate yourself, the better you will treat yourself. It is not that hard to pour love to yourself even though the reward comes from you, deep inside you know that you love the reward that you get for yourself.

This is one of the ways on how you actually motivate yourself to push you to be better day by day and become a very brand new person every day. There is no harm loving yourself rather than waiting for others to support you to change and be better, you yourself should put yourself first and be better for yourself because not everyone wants us to be a successful human being.

For the conclusion, removing bad habits is not trying to remove people from your life because you hate them or anything synonym to it but you have to remove the bad habits and the people who linked to it. You are doing this for the sake of helping yourself to pursue your dreams and reach the target of your life. When you have become successful you don’t have to look for friends anymore because they will come to you without you knowing.