Keeping Reputation Intact with Unifi Internet

Thanks to permanent monitoring tools and social media, companies specializing in e-reputation, such as our agency, offer to clean, delete or obscure certain information that can harm customers’ e-reputation. They also use monitoring tools and set up influencing strategies by acting on search engine algorithms. This is called mastering your SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This set of techniques makes it possible to optimize the visibility of a name or a link in the results pages, so as to increase natural traffic. The objective is to see its site position itself on the first page of the results. All you need is a perfect Unifi internet connection.

MIT Tiny AI 01 - Keeping Reputation Intact with Unifi Internet


This positive content pushes back negative results or demeaning writing

The agency is able to develop brand awareness through its partnerships with many media. The publication of press articles in online newspapers helps to promote the identity of a brand or a person and brings down negative results on Google.

What solutions if some content cannot be deleted online?

Since 2014, there is a right to de-listing information that could harm the e-reputation of a natural or legal person. In addition, a company, a brand, or an individual has the possibility of taking legal get unwanted content removed. But it is often very difficult to obtain the permanent deletion of content by a hosting site located outside the European Union. In this case, specialized companies like Semji set up influencing strategies that consist of creating neutral or positive content about their customers and distributing them on as many media as possible. This allows “noise” to be created around a brand name or personality while making negative content less audible and less visible that cannot be removed.


In order to ensure that positive or neutral results appear on the first page of the engines, specialized companies will encourage their customers to increase the number of accounts on each social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viadeo, or others. In this way, negative content will be “drowned” under the flood of rewarding information disseminated on social networks. With the ever-increasing development of the Internet, the role of these specialized agencies will become more and more crucial, while e-reputation will be a major stake in the development of companies and institutions.