Problems faced by Students in ELearning Process

Elearning’s time and location flexibility are attracting an increasing number of students to online education. However, many of them face major obstacles that prohibit them from effectively completing their studies. Here are the top five eLearning issues that students confront.

online learning Insert Image 1 - Problems faced by Students in ELearning Process

  • Struggles to Adapt

When students switch from traditional classroom and face-to-face instructor instruction to computer-based training in a virtual classroom, their learning experiences are drastically different. Their aversion to change makes it difficult for students to adjust to the online learning environment, but becoming accustomed to Course Management Systems (CMS) and computer-based education methods take time. Students who have a “traditional” mindset find it difficult to adapt; however, they must accept the new learning environment with an open mind and heart.

  • Technical Issues 

Due to a lack of sufficient bandwidth or a strong internet connection required for online courses, many students are unable to keep up with their virtual classmates: Since their bad monitors, it’s tough for them to follow the Course Management System, which makes learning difficult. Furthermore, the majority of them reside off-campus, making it difficult for them to keep up with the technical needs of the course. Some of them don’t even own computers and rely on Learning Resource Centers for assistance.

  • Computer Literacy 

Computer literacy is a serious problem among today’s students, even though most children are technologically literate and thus capable of utilising computers. Because they are unable to run basic programmes such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, many of them are unable to manage their data. Furthermore, due to a lack of computer skills, many pupils struggle to solve simple computer difficulties.

  • Management of Time 

Since online courses need a significant amount of time and effort, time management is a difficult task for eLearners. Furthermore, while most people choose web-based learning programmes because of their convenience in terms of location and time, they rarely have the time to finish them due to their various daily obligations. A regular schedule planner, in which they could set reminders for their lectures and homework, would be extremely beneficial to these students.

  • Self-Motivation

Self-motivation is a vital part of online learning, yet many students are surprised to find that they lack it. After enrolling in distance learning classes, many students fall behind and consider dropping out because the hurdles of navigating a new medium look overwhelming. Students must find the motivation to keep up with changing educational trends and to effectively prepare for future educational and employment challenges. Only a positive attitude can help them overcome the difficulties of eLearning; while this is difficult to achieve in practice, students must recognise that it is necessary to reap the future benefits of eLearning. 

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