Quality of Life Improvements: Ordering Food

People usually do not mind human interaction when going out to eat and ordering food. Even though some people are introverts or even in the case of like Japan, their advancement in technology has given them a lot of conveniences when it comes to services provided. 


In Malaysia, we are only beginning to explore and obtain technology that could improve our day to day lives. Malaysia may not be too technologically behind but there are limitations to the technology that we have access to. In recent years we have explored different types of vending machines along with automated machines that help serve drinks in restaurants. 


Only in Heavily Populated Places

A lot of kiosks, or machines are only located in central areas like Kuala Lumpur where it is heavily populated not only by the locals but also foreigners. When in relation to services like taking people’s orders. Is it a lot more convenient for people to use kiosks because of the lack of need for explanation if it is required when the order could just be put into a machine to be brought to a designated table of choice. 


In recent years, where the pandemic has taken into effect, it would be in everyone’s best interest to avoid any unnecessary human interaction because of the social distancing order. Therefore, these Food and Beverage machines also known as fb ordering kiosk malaysia are a very good touch for the safety of the public. These machines are commonly found in fast food restaurants like McDonald’s which was well appreciated by everyone because of the efficiency and speed when it comes to ordering meals and going to the table and waiting to be served. 


With Pros, There are Cons

Although there are many benefits to having these technologies and machines help us in our daily lives. There is one undeniable truth that we all fear; the fear of being replaced machines and being let go from our jobs. 

This is not something that the future holds but it is something that has been going on since the technical advance of the 21st century. With the inclusion of these technologies, a lot of people who work simple jobs tend to be replaced by machines but sometimes with the sudden shift in career status, other job opportunities tend to arise, giving way to other forms of income such as servicing the machines that replaces other people’s jobs as an example. 

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Potential Advancements

There are multiple technologies that exist in the world to make our lives more convenient, yes this would mean that most of us would be lazy. However, when a person is lazy, they would tend to find the easiest way to do something with minimal effort, this would also in turn lead to the creation of inventions that give us users quality of life improvements that we would live with and maybe even improve to make them work in more ways than intended. 


As an example, in Japan there are restaurants that operate with only kitchen staff because of the lack of need when it comes to taking orders or serving tables after said order is taken. Malaysia should keep up the work that we are doing and take inspiration from other technologically advanced countries to improve the lives of other Malaysians.