The Benefits of Visitor Management Kiosk

The COVID-19 pandemic rendered regular everyday things as high risk of contracting the virus and ultimately unsafe. An example would be old visitor management techniques. These methods are used by companies to keep track of the visitors who enter their buildings. Pre-COVID, security personnel will log each visitor’s information into a logbook before handing them a visitor’s card. In the post-COVID world, investing in a visitor management kiosk Malaysia is the best way to go.


A visitor management kiosk is a self check-in kiosk which helps automate the visiting process. They are often placed in the building’s lobby and resemble giant touch screen tablets. It is programmed with the company’s visitor management system. Some high tech kiosks use facial recognition to ID guests and print out visitor badges. Here are some benefits to incorporating visitor management kiosks in your company.


It’s easier for everyone


With a function similar to QR codes, these kiosks enable visitors to check-in to the building on their own. There is no longer any need for a member of the security staff to painstakingly assist them throughout the whole process. Kiosks are also more convenient for the company’s personnel who doubtlessly have other more important things to do. They will be able to focus on those tasks instead of the tedious job of checking in visitors manually.


It’s great for your company’s image


These self check-in kiosks provide a positive first impression to any visitor who drops in. Your business will exhibit an efficient, tech-savvy and professional appearance which will make your guests think highly of your company. Investing in visitor management kiosks will also ensure that the guests in your building will remain on their best behavior throughout their visit. They realize that your business has high standards to maintain and will act accordingly.


It’s more secure


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It’s crucial that everything and everyone within a company’s premises be easily monitored. Utilizing visitor management kiosks enables that. It provides a better, easier and more efficient way to monitor everyone entering, leaving or currently within the building. It also allows companies to keep track of any undesirables (people who are not supposed to enter the building or people who have caused trouble in the past). Both guests and staff alike will feel safer and more secure when visitor management kiosks are available.


It reduces cost


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It might seem like an expensive choice to install self check-in kiosks instead of utilizing manual check-in methods. However, through visitor management kiosks, you will actually be able to cut down cost through minimizing staff. Security personnel or employees posted at the entrances to your building will no longer be necessary. There will also be no more need to keep purchasing items like new visitor badges, pens or logbooks. Keeping everything digital means major expenses being cut in the long run.


Investing in visitor management kiosk malaysia is the better, wiser choice. It benefits everyone; company, staff and guests alike. Step into the new age and digitalize your visitors management systems now.