The Positive And Negative Of Social Media

man suffering social media - The Positive And Negative Of Social Media

With the advancement of technology, our lifestyle has changed significantly. With the creation of the internet, we have access to many things online as news is being uploaded more quickly and information on certain topics can be found much easier. With the development of messaging and social media applications, the importance of the internet has never been higher today. Facebook dominates the world for its vast variety of features that would keep their users more interested in using their platforms. Because it is free to download on iOS and Android devices, children as young as 10 years old are able to use social media platforms to find a community they are comfortable with and communicate with their friends.

Social media has become a staple in our life with even education institutions using social media to help students communicate with their lecturers and have access to educational contents with much more ease. This helps students and lecturers to keep each other up-to-date and allow lecturers to plan their session ahead to enhance their students’ experience. With social media taking over our life, most companies are taking advantage of its popularity to advertise their products and services online. Social media and marketing in malaysia and other countries go hand-in-hand in this modern era. As more people are browsing through their social media often, the more exposed they are to advertisements and more frequently as they continue to browse. With the help of the mysterious algorithm of the internet, social media users are bound to see advertisements of brands and products they have recently searched which further increases the brand’s awareness as it will be advertised in every social media application they use.

However, social media has been known to be one of the main causes of delinquency in youths. As youths explore throughout the internet, they could encounter certain content that are not appropriate or unknown to them which could develop interests with the wrong group. This could enable them to develop unhealthy addictions and mix with the wrong group of friends that would encourage their behaviors. Additionally, youths would develop delinquent behaviors when they reach the age of adolescence and would participate in illegal activities if they are left unchecked. Social media can play an important role to help youths develop habits and educate them about certain topics that are not taught even in schools.

As time progresses, technology will become more enhanced and available for both commercial and residential use. Although virtual reality is available, it is still not fully explored and developed yet as it is only used commercially. Most video games would also implement the use of virtual reality to enhance players’ experience, but some have resulted in causing motion sickness contradicting its purpose instead. Nevertheless, virtual reality can be a big step for mankind to achieve augmented reality to further enhance our life. Although augmented reality is available, it is still not underdeveloped and requires more time to develop to be used for commercial and residential purposes.

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