Top 6 tips for a better customers experience

Customers are the life sources for any business to fully function and thrive, especially within the service sector where customer satisfaction is the most important key to expanding the business. It is even more intense when it comes to F&B services where customers are the only income source that facilitates the business’ future. F&B service providers like hotels and hospitals must find out ways to satisfy their customers both mentally and physically. An example could be the installation of a restaurant pos ordering system Malaysia convenience store owners are fond of. 

Here are the top 6 tips for a healthy and successful F&B business, however, if you are a newcomer, then…


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What is QRS?

QRS is short for Quick Service Restaurants. Aimed at fast food outlets that prepare food for fast purchase and consumption to provide customers with convenience. Some examples are McDonalds, Nando’s, Burger King and so on. 

What is FSR?

FSR is short for Full-Service Restaurants where the food and beverages choices are wide and the customers’ expectations are often high. They focus on the theme of fine dining, family, speciality, and ethnicity… They aim to achieve customer satisfaction and experiences. 

The 6 tips

  1. Encourage effective communication

Consistent and effective communication between the staff and customers is the key to happiness and precise decision-making when it comes to demands and satisfaction. Restaurants could facilitate this by conducting regular meetings with the staff members and maintaining clear communication amongst the team. Having a strongly connected network of staff means a faster information flow and faster customer service with precisions. Allow the staff members to serve and provide a better service that meets the customer’s needs. 

  1. Showcase social media

This could be done through the use of a social wall which is a unified presentation of feeds generated by your brand and audiences. Allows for a continuous flow of content which catch on with the customers’ attractions and keeps them engaged with your brand. 

  1. Apply technology

Applying technologies to your business will enhance the ability to reach out to the customers, showcase the restaurant and provide customers’ experience satisfaction. Through the application of point-of-sale to speed up the ordering and checkout process to online payment and food delivery. Make sure your restaurant is accessible and convenient to use with your customers and the sales number will jump off the roof. 

  1. Reward the loyal customers

Rewarding your customers every time they return, loyalty is always a great idea to keep them connected and devoted to your restaurant. Every time you reward someone, they will unconsciously confirm that this is the right behaviour and keep on with it for future rewards.   

  1. Run social media contests

Having a social media contest will hook your customer’s attention and keep them attracted to your restaurant activities which could somewhat increase the chances of them choosing your restaurant the next time. A social media contest is also a good marketing tactic for generating attention from reviewers, potential consumers and even the news.

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