University Can Be Fun

Dread of going to a university? Don’t sweat about it, many are as anxious as you. First class, new friends, being away from home, and the new experience can make anybody nervous. But, it’s nothing to be scared about. New experience means growth. You are growing, along with your potential classmates. Everyone goes through this whether one is in a medical university Malaysia, in law school, or in form 6. While all may be grim and nerve-wracking now, things will look up pretty soon. Here are a few tips on how you can make university life fun. 

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Meet A Wider Variety Of People

The people around your university are new, along with you. That is what you have most in common with. Just like you, everyone is familiarizing themselves with their new surrounding. Thus one of the best things about this is that is it an opportunity to get to meet new people and experience new things. Those experiences would be limited if you stick with the same set of people throughout your 3 years of studies. Training to get yourself out of your comfort zone now could be beneficial for the future. While it may be scary, you could grasp it in time. 

Give Yourself A Routine

There would be a lot of free time when you’re in your first year, however, as you reach your second year, things could get pretty hectic. The shine of staying in your bed until it’s 2 pm, waking up in the evening, and going out till it’s late at night will dim out. To avoid being out of routine and tiring yourself out, you need to train yourself to stick to a routine. Rather than only doing things you want for a day, do the things you need. Such as staying in the library to get work done and avoid procrastination. Once the important activities are accomplished, you have the whole day to yourself. 

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Grab Opportunities

There are many opportunities to grab in your university life. Such as an internship or helping your lecturers with certain tasks. These opportunities are made obvious to students, especially on the university’s website, or through offers that are sent out by lecturers. This is why you always have to keep an eye on opportunities by frequently visiting the school’s website, participating in events, and broadening your network

Get A Part-time Job

We know this is on the list, but don’t take too many hours. Keep your working hours at a minimum, such as 4 hours. Working part-time can give you a worthwhile experience and brighten up your resume. This shows that apart from studying, you are also able to handle your schedule excellently by having part-time work on the side.