Why Nipple Shield Malaysia Is a Good Option For You

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What is a Nipple Shield?

A nipple shield is a silicone piece that mothers can place on their areola and nipples as a short-term solution when babies are having trouble learning how to breastfeed. Using a nipple shield should be done once you’ve checked it out with your healthcare provider. If you are considering using one, check out Pigeon for their best selling nipple shield Malaysia

When to Use Nipple Shield

You can choose to wear a nipple shield over your nipple if you notice that your baby is having difficulty learning how to feed properly. Nipple shields go around your areola and cover your nipple with a cone-shape to produce the same effect as a nipple. Certain nipple shields have a small area cut out so that it allows you and your baby to have more skin to skin contact. The nipple part of the shield also has many tiny holes at the tip so that milk can flow into the baby’s mouth. They are usually very flexible and thin. 

Usually mothers will choose to use a nipple shield when they notice that their infant is not really nursing, or not able to latch on properly. You can stop using the shield once your baby gets better at nursing and all those issues resolve. They are usually used as a last resort, in case other resolving methods to the breastfeeding issues are not working. Of course, if those problems still continue, you should definitely get it checked with your healthcare provider. 

These are several instances where using a nipple shield Malaysia could be helpful to you and your baby: 


  • Your nipples are either short, inverted or flat. A nipple shield can help your nipple be longer and harder. 
  • Your breasts are soft and tender. Using a nipple shield can help your breasts be more firm so that your baby has a little more support.
  • Your baby is premature. A premature baby is usually not strong enough to latch onto the nipple well so they will need a little help with latching and breastfeeding. 
  • Your baby has a tongue thrust, retracted tongue or tongue tie. These can usually be fixed and will improve with time, but for breastfeeding it’s good to use the shield to help stimulate their tongues better. 
  • Your baby might need more stimuli to start feeding. Having a slightly extended nipple can help stimulate the roof of their mouth where the reflex is. 
  • If you have cracked and sore nipples from feeding. Wearing a shield while your nipple heals is good as it protects it even more. 
  • You are trying transition your baby from using a bottle to breastfeeding. 

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You should definitely not worry if you relate to any of those above as those are just circumstances which can be helped by using a nipple shield. Of course if you notice any other changes in your baby that are not allowing them to latch, you should visit your healthcare giver if you are unsure.