6 Reasons Why Your Office Is Important

Here are some of the reasons why the workplace is more crucial than ever.

Allan Smith, vice president of worldwide marketing at Steelcase

Working from home and collaborating remotely has highlighted the value of the workplace and everything it has to offer: an office is more than just a place to work. The workplace develops culture and a sense of community while also offering the skills and resources that people require to be fully productive. There are numerous advantages to having a physical location that draws people together in an enterprise. Here are just a few of the reasons why the workplace is so important.

  1. Growth: The post-COVID economy has ushered in a period of survival for businesses, but the return to growth will be swift. Growth requires innovation, which is powered by creative people working together on design sprints, prototyping, and testing. War rooms and in-person strategy camps give spaces to define new priorities, rally around a vision, and lay the foundation for growth as leaders move and alter methods.
  1. Innovation: Studies suggest that successful innovation is location-based and includes a variety of business activities, concerns, and actions from neighboring or connected internal organizations. Building models, exchanging content, testing prototypes, iterating in real time, collecting annotations and ideas, and building on the collective efforts of the team are all activities that workplace design facilitates. Two-dimensional technology is incapable of moving the needle as effectively as three-dimensional interactions.
  1. Culture: Habits are shaped by experiences, and culture is the accumulation of those behaviors through time. An organization’s aggregate actions and standards, from both leaders and employees, form an ethos unique to that group of people. The coming together of different points of view, spontaneous hallway meetings, and lunch with coworkers all provide opportunities for storytelling, relationship building, and teaching that can’t be replicated by a screen.
  1. Resilience: COVID-19 has demonstrated that resilience is more vital than ever before. An organization’s ability to shift gears and resources to handle unforeseen disruptions depends on having a solid cultural base and venues furnished to facilitate in-person decision making. The backbone of a creative, flexible, and resilient workplace that can bend but not break is strong, decisive leadership and healthy teams.
  1. Creativity: Creativity is the intrinsic and distinctively human ability to come up with new ideas, solve problems, see opportunities, and imagine a better future. When technology and space come together to encourage thinking and doing at every stage of the brainstorming process, creativity flourishes, as opposed to a compartmentalized, stilted, lonely experience lacking the necessary tools.

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