Vision, Mission & Tagline


• With its fresh and artful style that breaks the myth of an outdated and ill-adapted faith, the Islamic Fashion Festival will excite audiences of all backgrounds and spark their curiosity to learn more about Islam.

• By bringing together different ideas through its multi-religious and multi-cultural participants, the Islamic Fashion Festival will provide a channel for meaningful exchange in celebration of the beauty in diversity.

• The Islamic Fashion Festival will encourage creative expression and interpretation among its designers to exemplify the versatility and viability of dynamic Islamic fashion.

• Through its presentations, the Islamic Fashion Festival aspires to illuminate the multi-dimensional aspects of Islam that will invigorate interaction among all peoples.


• To be the vehicle, voice and visualisation of Islam in its true essence.
• To direct media attention towards recognising the gentle spirit of Islam.
• To build an awareness of and appreciation for the inherent beauty and diversity of Islamic fashion and culture.
• To establish Islamic fashion and expression as a relevant and significant player in the global arena.
• To inspire confidence and incorporate thoughtfulness into individual fashion and behaviour.
• To entice the curiosity of people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, in a captivating manner.


The IFF tagline, “Discover the Beauty of Modesty”, invites the audience to get to know, understand and appreciate the call for women to cover up in Islam. The strategic intent is neither to preach nor convert but rather, to deliver the simple message that there is beauty in covering up at every level of modesty from slight to full.