When Using Nursing Pillows, Breastfeeding Tips For New Mothers

pillow support for feeding babies Malaysia
pillow support for feeding babies Malaysia

Nursing pillows, also known as pillow support for feeding babies in Malaysia, are used by mothers to make breastfeeding more comfortable and convenient. A feeding cushion is a U-shaped pillow that wraps around a nursing mother’s waist. During the nursing session, these breastfeeding pillows support the mother’s back, neck, and spine. The finest breastfeeding pillow in Malaysia is easily accessible at your local store or even online. Here’s all you should know about breastfeeding pillows.

Is Using A Feeding Pillow Necessary?

Although a feeding cushion is not essential, it is a choice for the mother. The cushion provides support for the infant while also serving as a resting spot for your arm. Some women find it beneficial as a feeding assistance, while others believe it is superfluous. Before purchasing a feeding cushion, you might rent one to see if it is comfortable and required.

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pillow support for feeding babies Malaysia

The Advantages Of Using A Feeding Pillow

These benefits aren’t exclusive to breastfeeding sessions. Some ways a feeding cushion might aid you and your baby are listed below.

  • It may be used as a great back support cushion for the duration of your pregnancy and even before you start nursing.
  • If you’re breastfeeding in the improper position, you might strain your neck, shoulders, or back. The pillow will help you hold the baby at a comfortable height and may prevent harmful postures.
  • After a C-section, the surgical site takes a few weeks to fully recuperate. The feeding cushion might help prevent tension on the sutures when feeding the baby. It is advised that you cover the sutures with a nursing cloth and then use the feeding cushion to avoid any friction on the sutures.
  • Feeding twins on a feeding cushion might be more convenient. Make use of a big feeding cushion to accommodate both babies comfortably.
  • Some neonates experience acid reflux after eating. When put against the feeding pillow, the cushions may also be used as a burping cushion to help prevent spit ups. While the baby is on the cushion, keep an eye on him or her.
  • If your milk ducts are clogged, you can feed your baby in a hanging feeding position, where the baby rests on his or her back, and you feed him or her by bending over him or her. It allows gravity to help relieve the obstructed duct by dangling the breast. A feeding cushion might make dangling feeding easier by allowing the infant to lean on it.
  • Belly time is beneficial for babies, according to the study, since it aids in the development of the neck and back muscles. During belly time, the feeding cushion can be utilized as a support for the baby. It’s a good idea to put the baby’s chest on the cushion. Keep an eye on the baby throughout the session to make sure he or she does not lay his or her face on the cushion.
  • As the baby gets older, the feeding cushion may also be utilized to help them learn to sit. Secure it around the baby’s legs so that they don’t hit their heads if they fall.