Why should you take general science courses for a stable future?

Study general science course in Malaysia

The early years have a profound impact on a human’s life, friends, family, and schools are foundations that define a person. For that reason, having a clear orientation on what to learn, keep and maintain is a vital task for each of us. Students who choose to study science courses could one day become one of the important links that keep the human race moving. 


As we learned through history, most of what we have now lies in innovation and stability backups from scientific fields. Malaysia as one of the most multicultural countries in the world as well give interest in such courses. Especially in its medical industries when there is a surplus amount of ethics in need of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists workforce, during and post Covid-19. Feeling interested to study general science course in Malaysia yet? 


What is a general science course?

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Study general science course in Malaysia

But what is this general science course? Becoming a general science student means you will be able to study a variety of science-related subjects: biology, chemistry, computer science, physics, and psychology… Maths is a must. 


This helps prepare students for higher education within specified degrees and later careers. 


Why do we need it?

General science courses cover knowledge, and truths of fundamental laws that run the world. It is the foundation for most of the future sciences, engineering, medical and computer sciences. These are the pillars that build up half of human society and maintain it until this moment, making humans at the top of the food chain. 


Furthermore, studying a general science course in Malaysia is most suitable for those interested in many scientific majors, a health-related friendly course too. Due to its flexibility in letting students customize their pathways by aIs careerng which subjects they will take.


Career wise? 

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General science courses are medical-related friendly

Best fit for students who are interested in the medical field. However, since this course focuses on building up students’ basics in all fields of science studies, plus, students could tailor their course. Therefore, open up a gateway for them to access any science-related career, some even have varied specialties. Allowing them to handle multi-tasking and generate a stable source of income. Moreover, space tech is heating up with recent developments and examples sure did a good job in fueling up the field. 


To be more specific and give you some example, here are some more specific jobs that students who study general science course in Malaysia could take:


Data science

Business analytic

Blockchain developer

Software designer

Space-related tech 


Forensic pathologist



Fun facts 

Fundamentally, there are two types of science: applied science and general science. Applied science is for people to apply available scientific knowledge for developing more practical applications. Whereas, general science is focused on using knowledge to exploit information about natural phenomena. This could be a conversation starter for you to keep in mind every time any coursese-related topic is pulled up.  Hope this will help you to know more about general science course and make it easier for you on deciding your pathway