Essential Laboratory Safety Rules to follow

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The science laboratory is a dangerous place by nature, with fire hazards, dangerous chemicals, and parlous procedures. Nobody wants an accident in the lab, therefore following lab safety rules is critical. One of the highlighted rules is installing fume hood Malaysia. Without further ado, let’s read this article to know those essential laboratory safety rules to follow.

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1)    Adhere to given Instructions

Whether you’re listening to your instructor or lab supervisor or following a procedure from a book, it’s essential to listen, pay attention, and be familiar with all of the steps, from beginning to end, before you begin. If you are doubtful about anything or have questions, please clear all the doubts by get them answered before proceeding the experiment, even if they are about a later step in the protocol. Before you begin, please learn how to use all of the lab equipment in proper and safe ways.

Why is this the crucial rule? It is because the violation of any instruction can endanger yourself and others in the lab. Not only that, but your experiment would also easily be ruined, and you put the lab at risk of an accident, which could harm people as well as damage equipment.


2)    Know the Place that locates all Safety Equipment

If something goes wrong, knowing where the safety equipment is and how to use it is critical. Trying to check equipment on a regular basis to make certain it is in excellent condition is a good idea. Is the safety shower, for example, capable of producing water? Is it completely obvious that the water in the eye wash is clean? Do you recognise where the safety equipment is? Examine the lab sign boards and look for them before starting an experiment.


3)    Install Fume Hood Malaysia

Fume hoods are essential modern laboratory equipment that are typically installed in chemical laboratories, manufacturing plants, or workplaces where employees may be exposed to hazardous vapours and gases, as well as dangerous acids, by breathing them in. Fume hoods are designed for employee safety reasons, which correlate to the alarming respiratory and physical diseases that Malaysian employers should consider installing at least one fume hood in their laboratories or workplaces.


4)    Do not eat and drink at the Laboratory

Keep your snacks in the office and out of the lab. In the science laboratory, you are not permitted to eat or drink. Experiments, chemicals, and cultures should not be stored in the same refrigerator as food and beverages. The risk of food contamination is far too high.

Drinking in the lab endangers your experiment. You might spill something on your research or lab notebook. Distractions including eating and drinking in the lab may cause you to not concentrate on your work if you’re eating. If you’re used to sipping liquids in the lab, you might reach for and drink the wrong one. This is especially true if you did not label your glassware or if you used lab glassware as dishes.

5)    Do not bring your Experiment at Home

For your own and others’ safety, it is critical that you leave your experiment at the lab. You should not bring it with you. A leak, a sample loss, or an injury could occur. This is how science-fiction movies start. In actual situations, you could seriously harm someone, ignite a fire, or lose access to the lab. While lab experiments should be left in the lab, there are plenty of safe scientific experiments you can conduct at home.