Tips To Increase Your Skills As A Debater

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If you are on the debate team or wish to join it, you’ve come to the right article to help you along. Debate is an exciting venture where people get to speak with the backing of factual information– whether it is science, history or current affairs– and argue for or against a premise. It comes with many advantages including oratory, writing and argumentative skills and looks impressive on a CV or college application if you are part of a large debate society. Some of the best debate movies include The Great Debaters and Candy Jar, and they are perfect examples of debating that can change your outlook on how debates are performed and the change you could inspire by doing your best.


Read More On The Topic

The topic you debate on should be well-researched and well-thought out. Your points should be taken from a variety of sources, not just ones you are familiar with. Look at the stances from different cultural perceptions of racism and indigenous groups. There are varying perspectives that can buttress your argument well. Being well-read will also impress your adjudication panel and increase your chances of walking away successful. It also provides you with the information that your opponent could use against you. Preparing a set of points to rebut them can aid you score more points.

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Learn To Organise Your Points

Most of the debate is in providing a short yet impactful delivery. This is where the organisation of your points and facts comes in handy. Structure them so that you have crucial points in the beginning of your debate as well as at the end. Your rebuttals should also be informative and concise, with a strong delivery. Organisation also decreases the chances of you forgetting your information because it is best not to rely on flash cards. Memorise your main points and build on them with your research. A well-organised argument may also prevent you from going over your allocated time, which could result in deducted points.


Practise, Practise, Practise!

The best way to increase your skills is to practise. Put in the work required. This applies to your research skills, your oratory skills and your overall performance as a debater. Debating requires confidence to deliver arguments convincingly. Practise in front of a mirror or with a friend or family. Test yourself on your facts and information so that you always present accurate information. Work on your timings, too. The best way to become more advanced is to continue to work hard at your craft. Debating can be challenging because sometimes it is an intense event. Oftentimes the debates become emotional due to the jabs back and forth. Learn to control yourself and continue to exude confidence even when you stumble.