Understanding Ship Maintenance in Malaysia

Ships and other vessels in the water need maintenance just as much as cars on the road. Likewise, regardless of the type of vehicle being utilised, its safety and functionality should have been evaluated first. This topic will be discussed in greater depth on board ships and other boats. It is understood that the vast majority of us who drive or ride bikes know exactly when and where these vehicles should be put to use. However, it is still unsure where to get ship maintenance in Malaysia

dry dock - Understanding Ship Maintenance in Malaysia

Unfortunately, we remain without a firm grasp on how Malaysian ship repair operates. Since reading this further won’t set you back a dime but will instead enrich your mind, there’s no reason to stop! Altus Malaysia is the equivalent of auto and motorcycle repair shops, but for boats and ships. Totally mind-blowing, right? The knowledge and experience that you won’t find elsewhere make Altus Malaysia marine solutions an excellent option for ship and vessel owners. Consider reading this if you’re thinking about using their services.


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Who is Altus Malaysia?

Altus is a marine service solution that entails things like warm and cold layup, marine maintenance and preservation, NDT inspections and certification, floating hose maintenance, vessel/ship tank cleaning and demucking, and waste disposal. With such promising potential and reliable offerings, it’s no surprise that Altus Malaysia has earned a reputation as Malaysia’s top marine solution provider.

maritronics4 - Understanding Ship Maintenance in Malaysia

So, what sort of upkeep services do they provide?


Ship/Rig Preservations and Maintenance

Altus must evaluate everything before proceeding with their work, unlike the other service companies. The climate of the lay-up site, the lay-up duration, the state of the equipment and the rigs’ parts, and the anticipated time till reactivation will all be taken into account.


Inspection & Certification

Oil and gas are subject to some of the most stringent regulations of any industry. Stakeholders in the oil and gas industry, including producers, contractors, service providers, manufacturers, insurers, and governments, must comply with a growing number of laws and regulations designed to safeguard human life, the environment, and the value of the property.


Ship/Rig LayUps

When it comes to maintenance, Altus knows that the cheapest option will always win out. As a result, Altus has provided a reliable set of Lay-Up services that are both reasonably priced and compelling enough to satisfy your needs.


Ship To Ship Solutions

The most cost-effective method of cargo operation does not require a jetty or berth and is known as ship-to-ship (STS). It can accommodate liquefied natural gas, crude oil, gasoline bunkering, crude palm oil, and lumber. Our current service area in Malaysia includes the states of Johor and Kedah.


Vessel Charters

Altus has partnered with numerous vessel owners in the area to give you the best chartering solution, including Platform Service Vessels (PSV), Anchor Handling Tugs (AHT), Work Barges, Accommodation Barges, Flat-Top Barges, Crew Vessels, and Heavy Lift Vessels.


Marine Asset Decommissioning

Removal and decommissioning are necessary when the usable life of a rig, offshore oil well platform, or floating processing and storage unit is nearing its conclusion. It is essential that the drill be conducted using the most up-to-date, reliable, and inexpensive safety protocols currently available.