Cargo Handling Safety Measures To Know

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After the ship’s mooring system Malaysia is deployed, it is time for the cargo to be loaded or unloaded. Regardless, they have to be moved from one place to another, and it is never an easy job to go through to the end. Risks are imminent and to ensure that the entire process is smoothly carried out, there are several safety measures to be aware of.


Protection gear

It is of utmost importance that you should gear yourself up with personal protection before you can start working on handling the cargo. Safety helmets, harness, shoes and others of similar purpose must be worn at all times, otherwise you are only exposing yourself to dangers that you can easily avoid or at least survive from.

You should also check that the equipment you are using does not break prior to work and that they are in good condition. If the ship you are working for lacks any sufficient protection gear then there is something wrong here. You best jump ship before an accident drifts towards your direction.


No interference

While on-site safety devices are working, you shouldn’t interfere with the process or make any alterations on them at all. Overall, you should be familiarized with these devices that can protect you in the job. Their operations must be carried out without any shortcuts to avoid any interference and thus the jeopardization of your own safety.


Securing cargo

Cargo Handling Equipment - Cargo Handling Safety Measures To Know

Whether you are loading or unloading the cargo, they must be secured in their positions so it doesn’t slide on the ship or be placed haphazardly in the storage room. Especially on the ship itself, loose cargo is very dangerous because unless you want to experience blunt cranium trauma firsthand, they are a danger to the crew and ship that must be avoided at all costs.

Speaking of moving cargo, while they are hoisted you shouldn’t be in their way. It doesn’t matter whether you are standing under or in front of its path, you will risk serious injury should the cargo suddenly be dropped by accident. 

The crane must thus see that the cargo path is clear of people and everybody else must keep in mind where the cargo is going. This is more important if visibility is poor in their surroundings. 

Normally this process shouldn’t be done in such a condition, but should it happen in the middle of the process, visibility must be immediately improved through a lot of lights bright enough to indicate the path and its environment.


Lifting equipment

As standard procedure, check that the lifting equipment is in good condition for your next use. Any needed repairs or maintenance should be done as soon as possible, ideally before cargo can be lifted. Tests must be run to ensure that the lifting devices are following the relevant rules and regulations of your area.

Furthermore, training to use lifting equipment is required to avoid any similar accidents of cargo hitting people like bricks, as well as maintaining its integrity for a long time. Anyone unfamiliar with the usage must otherwise be not given the tasks of lifting cargo, perhaps except if it only requires their own hands.